From 2013 and On, We Will Create Great Things

We would all agree that 2012 was a year for pushing through our limitations and clearing our blocks.  We worked hard at finding our purpose and even discovered how and where we should serve.  On the date of 12-12-12 we aligned with the gateway that would determine the world we would see when the gate opened on the 12-21-12.  Some of us did it consciously and others subconsciously.  All of us would have been given greater awareness and new powers.  We can now relax and focus on our area of service.  Refine and define it more by connecting to our "I AM" Presence. 
We are also being led to connect and create a unified group of like minded people.  People who are on the same path.  This is for strength, for fellowship, and for inspiration.  We are led to find the members of our family of light.  When we serve together, we are stronger.  
From 2013 and on, we will create great things. 
We will rebuild and regenerate ourselves and our planet.
On the 12-12-12, the two remaining dormant Atlantean crystals awakened and the crystalline grid is now in place around the planet.  This is immensely exciting because we can tune into that grid and download its power now.  One of the last two crystals is the benevolent crystal of Thoth.  As some of you know, Thoth channeled the Melchizedek Method to Alton Kamadon.  Alton, in turn, taught it to us.  The Melchizedek Method is one way to regenerate. The following is a brief explanation of the Melchizedek teachings.  We constantly connect to our "I AM" Presence in the Melchizedek work.

Melchizedek Method

The basis of the Melchizedek Method is the Hologram of Love or Merkabah.  The shape of the Merkabah comes from the Flower of Life.  It is the sacred geometric pattern which gave birth to the whole Universe. Every living thing has that pattern in it.  It is the symbol of Creation.
It is based on unconditional love, so it must be the pattern of unconditional love.  Everything in the Universe resonates to it, no matter what it is or what dimension it's in.  We as humans also have it within us, so we are walking and talking unconditional love.  Using the Merkabah is a fast track to ascension.
The Merkabah is an interdimensional energetic space vehicle that allows us to travel through time and space purely by intention.  With it we connect with higher dimensional beings such as Michael, Metatron, Melchizedek, Thoth, the Elohim, angelic realms and the ascended masters, and much more.  It is also a most powerful vibration for healing, abundance, age reversal and regeneration.  The mind directs and powers the Merkabah in union with God.  The higher your vibration of Christ consciousness, the stronger your Merkabic field.
The Merkabah is activated by a breath which starts its rotation. Those who are drawn to it have the most extraordinary experiences.  Activating the hologram with the 13.20.33 frequency (a frequency of no limitation) awakens God consciousness within us.  We can create a whole new body form (a light body). Your light body opens doorways to higher realms which adds light to your thoughts so that you can connect to Universal Mind.  When you travel in your light body you will experience many illumined states of awareness.
Much of this, and more, is covered through Levels 1 and 2 of the Melchizedek Method.  

This month, with a new moon in Sagittarius, it would be a great time to choose a new subject to study. I teach (and practice!) all five levels of the Melchizedek Method and would love you to join us for the next class.  Check out the training tab for more information. 

Love and light,